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Kole is India’s one of the largest manufacturer of Pallets, Stillages, Storage Bins, and Returnable Packaging with over 1000+ designs in over 30+ product category.

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New Product Development & Manufacturing

State of art manufacturing facility to develop new products and mass manufacture

Rental Services

We provide various material storage products like Pallet, Stillage, Bins, Trolley, FLC and Returnable Packaging on Rental Basis

Savings Project Consultation

Chalk out the scope of savings in an operation and built a strategy to achieve the desired savings

Returnable Packaging & Close Loop Supply Design

We design packaging products that our customers can use multiple times

Solution Design

Design customised solution based on customers requirement and pain points

Supply Chain Optimization

We analyze the customer's supply chain, identify the areas of improvements and recommend changes aiming for overall optimization

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Returnable frames are pivotal in the automobile industry. These reusable structures securely hold car parts during manufacturing, assembly, and transportation. They minimize waste, cut costs, and streamline logistics, contributing to efficient and sustainable operations.

Warehouse & Storage

Metal pallets and Bin Containers are robust storage solutions widely used in warehouses. These durable platforms efficiently organize and support various goods, enabling easy stacking, transportation, and storage, while also enhancing durability and safety within the warehouse environment.

Consumer Care & Goods

ASRS Pallets and Stillages are pivotal in consumer care product storage, providing organized and secure stacking. These structures optimize space utilization, prevent damage, and enable efficient stock rotation, ensuring consumer goods remain easily accessible and in optimal condition.

E-Commerce & Retail

Material storage trolleys are essential in ecommerce delivery operations. These mobile units efficiently organize and transport packages within warehouses, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and timely shipping, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of the ecommerce delivery process.


The use of bins and crates is an important part of the electronics manufacturing process. By storing and transporting components in a safe and organized way, manufacturers can help to prevent damage and ensure that components are available when needed.

Food & Beverage

GI pallets, common in the food industry, are robust platforms made of galvanized iron. These hygienic and durable pallets facilitate safe storage and transportation of food products, ensuring compliance with industry regulations while maintaining product quality and safety.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Returnable pallets are vital in logistics, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution. These reusable platforms streamline transportation, storage, and distribution, reducing waste and environmental impact while optimizing supply chain efficiency and reducing overall operational expenses.


Plastic pallets and FLC (Foldable Large Containers) offer vital advantages in the pharmaceutical sector. They ensure hygienic storage, easy transportation, and protection of sensitive medications, optimizing logistics, maintaining product integrity, and adhering to stringent industry regulations.

Stone & Glass

Storage frames are indispensable in the marble industry. These specialized structures offer secure, vertical storage for marble slabs, minimizing breakage risk and maximizing space efficiency. They ensure organized accessibility and contribute to streamlined marble processing and distribution.

Textile & Synthetic Fabrics

Pallets and stillages optimize fabric roll storage. They prevent damage, support secure stacking, and ease handling, enhancing organization and accessibility. These solutions maintain fabric quality, streamline inventory management, and maximize storage space efficiency.


Stillages and stacking frames are essential for tire storage. These robust structures ensure safe stacking, prevent deformation, and facilitate easy access for inventory management. They optimize space and maintain tire integrity in the tyre industry.

Cement & Chemical

Metal stillages are essential assets in the cement industry, serving as sturdy storage and transportation solutions. These durable metal frames or cages securely hold and transport cement bags, clinker, and other materials within production facilities and distribution centers, streamlining logistics and ensuring safe handling throughout the cement supply chain.


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About Kole Global

A part of a 35-year-old organization, KOLE is India’s leading Material Storage and Packaging solution provider. From steel pallets to heavy duty containers, from Bag Stillages to Modular Frames we manufacture a wide range of storage solutions

At KOLE, we recognize the imperative for enhanced service, top-notch quality, and robust customer-supplier relationships, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

With our extensive background in engineering and manufacturing, coupled with a proficient and motivated team of experts at the forefront, we possess the utmost confidence in our ability to address your storage & packaging needs. Our product line boasts attributes such as lightweight construction, minimal upkeep, impressive durability, cost efficiency, and, above all, unwavering consistency in quality.

Few reasons why to choose KOLE as your partner.


Quality is at heart of KOLE. We also aim to deliver top quality product

Experienced Team

Team of qualified Designers, Engineers and Skilled workmen with avg experience of 7+ Years

Manufacturing capacity

We can deliver 10,000+ pallets/stillage per month

Product Variety

30+ product catagory with 1000+ design to choose from

Competitive Price

We believing in creating maximum value for our customers. Our prices are very customer friendly


All our products & services promote sustainability

Customer Service

With technical & support team spread across India, we aim to deliver best service experience


We design products aiming for workplace and operational safety


Our friendly team is always there to assist you. Feel free to reach us anytime


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